The list of Invasive Alien Species of Union concern is at the heart of the IAS Regulation. This list is dynamic, and species can be proposed for listing on the initiative of a Member State or the Commission. Decisions on listing are taken by majority vote for the whole list of proposed species, and underpinned by evidence-based risk assessments. More details on the process from proposal to eventual listing of a species can be found here.

For the moment, 88 species have been included in the list. The first Union list entered into force on 3 August 2016 with 37 species. This list was updated for the first time on August 2nd 2017 (addition of 12 species). On August 14th 2019, a second update entered into force, adding 17 species to the list. Finally, a third update enters into force on August 2nd 2022, adding 22 species to the list. Following this last update, the list now includes 47 animal species and 41 plant species.

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Additionally, a brochure commissioned by the European Commission, presenting the invasive alien species of Union concern can be found here.