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This page presents different projects and outputs produced by the National Scientific Secretariat on Invasive Alien Species (NSSIAS).

Identification VIDEOS


                                            ELODEES (FR)                                                                               Myriophylles (FR)



                                      WATERPESTEN (NL)                                                                            Vederkruiden (NL)



In the next year, the NSSIAS is piloting biosecurity projects for different kind of water users - from recreative angling to professionals doing maintenance in or near aquatic habitats. The projects aims at identifying, implementing and/or improving biosecurity best-practices. 
As a first step, a national survey was conducted in 2021 targeted at all public and private actors in charge of the management and/or the monitoring of freshwater ecosystems, including e.g. IAS managers, water and riverbanks managers, scientists, consultancy companies,… The aim was to evaluate the general level of awareness on biosecurity relating to freshwater invasive alien species (IAS) and associated pathogens and characterizing current biosecurity practices and constraints for increazed biosecurity in in Belgium.

The results of this survey are summarized in the infographic below. As a follow up, a handbook and best-practice checklist have been produced and can be downloaded here below:


SUpport to inspection services

The NSSIAS is in charge of providing scientific support for identification to the inspection services in Belgium. This includes in particular:


Photos: Sonia Vanderhoeven, Arnaud Jacobs