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                                            ELODEES (FR)                                                                               Myriophylles (FR)



                                      WATERPESTEN (NL)                                                                            Vederkruiden (NL)



In 2023, the NSSIAS plans to carry out  pilot projects on water user biosecurity, from recreational fishers to maintenance professionals responsible for wetlands and water habitats. The objective is to identify, implement, and improve – where possible – biosecurity best practices.

The first step in this process was a national survey in 2021. All public and private actors responsible for freshwater ecosystem management and/or monitoring, e.g. IAS managers, water and riverbank management officers, scientists, and consultancies, were invited to participate. The survey polled the general level of biosecurity awareness related to freshwater invasive alien species (IAS) and related pathogens. The survey also identified Belgium’s current biosecurity-boosting practices and challenges.

The infographic below summarises the survey results. And a handbook and best-practice info brochures can be consulted here.

inspection services support

The NSSIAS provides Belgian inspection services with scientific support in identifying IAS. That includes:


Photos: Sonia Vanderhoeven, Arnaud Jacobs