Regulation (EU) No 1143/2014 has this to say about live invasive alien species of Union Concern… You must not intentionally:

  • bring them into EU territory, including transit subject to customs control
  • keep them, even in contained holding
  • breed them, even in contained holding
  • transport them to, from, or within the EU, except to eradication facilities
  • market them, including their sale, use, or trade 
  • allow their reproduction, growth, or cultivation, even in contained holding
  • release them into the environment.



Derogations to the above are possible. The competent authorities may grant a license in the following cases:

  • To institutions that hold listed IAS for research and/or ex situ conservation (i.e. species conservation outside the country of origin) or to create products from them that promote human health. These licenses are subject to certain conditions. And please remember that other regions or the federal government may require additional licenses if you plan to transport the species across regional or national borders.
  • The federal government is responsible for issuing derogation licenses related to import bans. Click here for the Dutch version or here for the French.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, the European Commission grants authorisation to carry out activities not in the ‘Restrictions’ section. Those circumstances must be substantiated by compelling public interest, which includes social and economic factors.
  • Controlled conditions must always be guaranteed for species containment.