The competence and tasks of the National Scientific Secretariat on Invasive Alien Species are defined through the cooperation agreement between the Federal State, the Communities and the Regions concerning the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species. The Secretariat mainly operates pursuant to obligations and deadlines set out by European Regulation No 1134/2014.

Its main task is to ensure the scientific expertise necessary for the coordinated implementation of the Regulation:

  • preparing scientific advice;
  • preparing identification material for official controls;
  • drafting national pathways actions plans to curb the introduction and spread of invasive alien species;
  • drafting best practices on control measures;
  • coordinating Belgian reporting to the EU Commission.

In carrying out its tasks, the National Scientific Secretariat collaborates closely with Scientific institutions, the MUMM (Management Unit of the Mathematical Model of the North Sea) and the Belgian Platform for Biodiversity.