The National Committee on IAS is responsible for the coordination between the three Regions and the Federal authority regarding the implementation of the European IAS Regulation. It consists of representatives of the regional and federal authorities that represent the signatories of the cooperation agreement (the parties). 

The National Committee on IAS oversees the coordinated implementation of the IAS Regulation:

  • drafting and approval of the Belgian position on proposals to expand the European list;
  • advice on the issuing of permits for IAS of Union and national concern;
  • determination of the emergency measures when more than one party is involved;
  • early detection and rapid eradication, when more than one party is involved;
  • decision on the control and management measures, when more than one party is involved;
  • coordination of the surveillance at national level;
  • cooperation between Belgium and other Member States;
  • decision on the species of Belgian concern for the national list;
  • decision on the national action plan on pathways of introduction and spread;
  • decision on the EU reporting;
  • participation in the European Committee and the European Scientific Forum;
  • any other issue that requires a coordinated response between the different parties.

The National Committee on IAS also ensures information flow between the parties on:

  • restrictions;
  • issuing of permits;
  • early detection and rapid eradication;
  • surveillance pertaining to species of European or national concern;
  • identifying listed species (with necessity of rapid response);
  • cooperation with other Member States;
  • control, management or eradication measures;
  • recovery of damaged ecosystems and costs;
  • transitional provisions for commercial stocks or non-commercial owners;
  • any other measure taken by one of the parties.